3 Non-Negotiable Digital Rebranding Steps for 2021

3 Non-Negotiable Digital Rebranding Steps for 2021

Like so many of us, our team is ecstatic to be on the other side of 2020. But although we may have changed the calendar month, the aftermath of all that’s happened lingers more than we’d like to admit. More so, the changes in our world doesn’t stop with us: our consumers were equally as rattled and the watch in which they engage with your brand has changed whether you realize or not. To move your business forward, you’ll need to think deeply about how you want to proceed through 2021 and be mindful of the brand that you want to build, or rebuild, in this new year. 

Keep Authenticity a Virtue

It’s no surprise that consumers have grown exceedingly disconnected from brands that feel out of touch with reality. Layer in a chaotic election year, global pandemic, and the financial uncertainty that comes from a slow reopening, and people are more sensitive to exactly what your brand’s about and how it presents itself. 

Simply put, empathy is key. Find your brand’s purpose, solidify it in your business’ practices, and ensure that all copy, messaging, and outreach is connected to that. Consumers pick up on these things, and an emotional connection is a long-lasting one. 

Marry Relevant and Ethical Technology

Consider where your brand was this time last year. What technology or AI was your business using? How similar or different was it to your competitors? And most importantly, was it equally user-friendly as it was relevant?

Coined as “relevance-as-a-service,” the most successful rebranding done will guarantee a more personalized approach to consumer’s brand engagement. In alignment with this, you can knock it out of the park if you start designing your brand with ethical technology in mind. Values-based consumers are quickly rising as a larger sect of the general public and thinking like this should be a priority for us all. Yes, we understand there is a difficult balance to strike between making your digital marketing and technology relevant and ethical, but it can be done with deliberate and well-informed decisions. 

Safety, Safety, Safety!

Values-based consumers want to know that what they’re investing is taking our world seriously, and we’re not just talking about a global pandemic. As our world moves more virtual, user data is a sacred part of consumers trusting your brand, so make sure that’s the best it can be!

Additionally, the way in which you communicate about safety is essential. How are you keeping the people who work for your brand safe? How are you keeping consumers safe in-person or ensuring their virtual experience (data included) is safe? All of these things can ensure your digital marketing strategy for 2021 is sensitive to your consumers’ experiences and promoting a better world for other brands to follow. 

Brand rebuilding is an undertaking worth doing, especially as our world continues to evolve and grow even more digital. And although it’s simple to make a social media account, it requires some intelligent use of time to educate yourself on the trends of the times and to analyze the relevant data points. If rebranding sounds like too great of an undertaking for your schedule, make your New Years’ Resolution to upgrade your digital strategy by outsourcing to the experts, and contact Influence Digital Solutions today!

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