4 Reasons why every brand needs an Instagram

4 Reasons why every brand needs an Instagram

Instagram is the second most downloaded free app in the apple store. Everywhere you look Instagram is always present. If it is taking a selfie with friends, Instagramming your lunch, or even having an Instagram account for your pet, it is everywhere. So if your personal life has an Instagram then why doesn’t your brand? 

We have said this phrase before “Brand is to a company what personality is to an individual.” It stands true right to this moment, having a brand is what makes your business stand different than the others. Two hundred million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily. Today’s social media platforms level the traditional marketing playing field in an unmatched way. It makes small businesses and brands to be in the same arena with big brands who have higher marketing performances. Businesses are using Instagram as their main tool for revenue-generating as opposed to old tv/print ads.  Below are some reasons why every brand would benefit from having a business Instagram account.

  1. Instagram boost visibility to your brand. 

Regardless of your marketing budget, Instagram helps small businesses with visibility and enhance their branding. “73% of U.S. teens say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions.” Whereas before Instagram, online shops or small businesses could be ignored by potential customers unless they spent money on traditional ads or just by word of mouth.

2. Instagram as a sales generating platform 

Instagram is always changing. Their algorithms change every day, the next trend or hashtag will change, and they always have new updates that can help businesses. The one big app update was allowing a shopping feature on Instagram. Instagram has this feature for businesses to showcase their products on a “virtual storefront.” 11% of US social media users shop on Instagram. With this, your brand and business can feature your products on organic posts and stories, while also being discoverable on the search and explore page.

3. Instagram helps your brand’s content visually 

A business card doesn’t go a long way. The basic information o your brand can be showcased on a business card or by word of mouth. For audiences to see your brand’s product, Instagram is the best way for you to showcase that. Visual content from your brand helps your audience to understand the direction of your brand and overall what you are about. 

4. Instagram helps you connect with your customers

The beauty of Instagram in general is connecting. If it is connecting with old family and friends, following your favorite celebrity, or meeting new people; Instagram is about making those connections. This goes the same with business Instagram accounts. You are connecting with loyal customers, but also gaining new potential customers because of content you post on Instagram. With both old and new followers, Instagram makes it accessible to communicate with them. If you are launching a new product you can have them interact and comment below. If you are asking for feedback, for example, asking them “what they would like to see more?” They can give their input on what they want to see from your brand. Even regarding issues with your product or business, followers can message regarding whatever issue they are having and for you to stay on top of it. This helps you understand what your followers and customers want more from your brand. 

Branding is key for your business to be set apart from the competition. Instagram is the best way to showcase your brand identity. In 2020 the social media trends are only going up. It has evolved quickly and is changing constantly. For small business owners this is a win for your marketing strategy and how to stay visible.

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