As a marketing agency, Influence Digital Solutions is well aware of the benefits of all forms of advertising. Both printed media and our favorite- digital marketing, have been proven to be very effective in reaching people. There is, however, another form of marketing that professionals are finding to be crucial to the success of a business. Event marketing, also known as experiential marketing, is a strategy that uses events and experiences to share your products and brand with audiences. It’s a unique strategy that engages your target audience in a much more personal and direct way. There are some major benefits to event marketing and when combined with the effects of digital marketing, your brand is sure to succeed!

  • Creates Genuine Relationships

Authenticity is crucial when it comes to marketing, but it can have its challenges too. We don’t want companies to come across as being too “car sales-y”. Many traditional marketing campaigns tend to be impersonal, which is why marketing your product or services through an event can be so beneficial. Events give brands the opportunity to engage directly with their customers. Suddenly the company is humanized, and guests get a much clearer understanding of the brand because now, they have experienced the brand. People crave experiences, authenticity, and connection, and event marketing gives them just that. 

  • Strengthens Brand Awareness

One of the most impactful reasons for a business to involve event marketing strategies is to establish and expand its brand. Brand awareness goes much further than just acknowledgment of a product or service. Businesses want people to know their company’s values and story. As we said earlier, event marketing has the power to form a connection between the company and the audience. Once this authentic relationship is established, brands acquire loyalty, and will ultimately see their profits. 

  • Enhances the Power of Digital Marketing

In this technological era, digital marketing is known to be one of the most powerful marketing strategies. When people experience anything, more often than not, you will find it on their social media pages, in an email, or on their website or blog. People will often tell the world about their lives, good or bad. Event marketing ultimately leads to subtle forms of digital marketing. For example, once you’ve hosted an unforgettable event for your brand, we can guarantee that your guests will be sharing their experience with the world almost immediately. Photos, videos, and hashtags will start to pop up through the use of social media. The combination of event and digital marketing has become a tour-de-force. Encourage your guests to take photos at your event, offer a hashtag, and you’ve got yourself a goldmine!

It’s important for businesses to stand out from the crowd, and event marketing is a great place to start. It offers new methods used to create relationships with customers (new and old) and strengthens brand awareness, leading to greater success. If you plan on hosting an event for your business, reach out to Influence Digital Solutions and we can offer some great tips to include at your event that are sure to impress your audience!

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