Help Older Loved Ones Stay Connected: New Training For Seniors

Help Older Loved Ones Stay Connected: New Training For Seniors

Although the vaccine rollout has begun, our world is still bracing for a continued stretch of more social distancing, mask-wearing, and fist bumps with friends and family. Many companies and schools remain online, and socializing is still mostly reserved for video calls. Needless to say, the population most affected by this are our elderly loved ones. That’s why Influence Digital Solutions is offering a solution for 2021: Social Media Training for Seniors. If you are or know someone that would benefit from staying connected to friends and family in the virtual world, this is the training for them. 

  1. The Basics

Anyone who has a loved one in the Baby Boomer generation has likely heard them say something along the lines of, “I don’t need all the bells and whistles; I just need the basics.” That’s exactly what our training program is about. 

Tailored to each individual’s needs and familiarity, Influence Digital Solutions will gradually introduce new information to seniors, ensuring they feel comfortable at every step of the learning process. We’ll start with creating a social media account and then discuss the foundational skills of staying connected with loved ones online: posting, commenting, sharing, and more. They’ll never feel overwhelmed and each step will get them closer to a happy sense of autonomy in the virtual world. 

  1. Security and Safety

Scammers will often successfully scam the elderly because of their unfamiliarity with technology! While setting up a social media account, we’ll teach and review the basics of online safety, ensuring all of their social media accounts have the privacy settings that are most comfortable for them. 

Additionally, we’ll review best practices to seek out old time friends, colleagues, and relatives. Just like we teach our children, we’ll review how to be wary of strangers – we’ll teach seniors how to do this in the virtual world, making sure they know how to identify unsafe situations and how to report them so others are not taken advantage of them either.

  1. The Benefits

As our world gets more connected online, there is a growing benefit for seniors to know the ins-and-outs of social media. Especially with so many seniors staying at home to stay safe, social media is surging as the way to help people feel emotionally connected to an active and engaging social life. 

There are a number of studies to support the notion that more socially engaged seniors fare better in regards to their physical, mental, and emotional health. Our course is designed to bring out the best research-backed practices and help seniors incorporate them in their social media usage, engagement, and enjoyment.
Although we’ve turned a new year older, social media is only getting more constant in our lives. Regardless of where you are in your social media journey – be it just getting started, knowing someone who could use some healthy online socialization, or hoping to educate yourself on the best ways to utilize the tools of the 21st century – Influence Digital Solutions is here to help. Don’t worry if this sounds overwhelming! Make your New Years’ Resolution to upgrade your digital competency, connect with friends and family, and contact Influence Digital Solutions today!

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