Businesses are continuing to invest in digital marketing in 2022 because we’ve seen the results. Digital marketing can certainly be a tricky business, so it’s crucial to learn what works and what doesn’t. Businesses won’t find the success they crave if they keep making the same mistakes that affect their traffic, lead generation conversion rates and ROI. It’s surprisingly really easy to make mistakes, with paid advertising, search engine optimization, and content marketing. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common digital marketing mistakes and our favorite tips on how to avoid them. 

  • Targeting the Wrong Audience

You may think that using marketing tools to reach a broad range of potential clients and followers would be the way to expand your business. It doesn’t work like that. One of the biggest digital marketing fails is targeting the wrong audience. The reality is that only a few specific groups will actually bring in the revenue. By targeting all or the wrong audiences with the hopes of perhaps gaining more traction, you’re actually neglecting the opportunity to really get to know your true target audience and their preferences and behavior patterns. 

Understanding your customers is the key to digital marketing success. So what do you do? You need to first determine your target audience. Finding the right audience takes time, research, and experimenting. Start by creating a few fictitious marketing personas modeled after your previous customers based on data. Now it’s time to put your efforts into getting to know and understand your target audience on a deep level. Find out their interests, hobbies, buying habits, and demographics.

  • Neglecting Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We know that when we research using search engines, the majority of us click on the first five results that pop up. Search engine optimization (SEO) is how your customers find your business and really anything on the web. Neglecting to use SEO as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy means that people won’t find your website in their search results. Without SEO, you won’t be able to reach potential new customers and valuable data for your business and you’ll be losing traffic to your competitors. 

SEO takes time to develop. Don’t make the mistake of getting impatient and neglecting SEO. Like most things in life, if you continue to put in the effort and allow time to work it’s magic, you will start seeing results! You will need to learn about keyword research, which lets you target the questions your audience is seeking answers to. Plan out your content around the keywords your audience uses. Use these keywords on your website and in your articles or blogs consistently. This allows you to better reach your targeted audience and new valuable leads.

  • Spending Too Much Money on Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on social media has the potential to be extremely rewarding in terms of traffic on your website, igniting a spark of interest in your brand or product, and growing your reach. However, without the right strategy in place, it can just become costly and pointless. We suggest trying other digital marketing strategies first and saving paid advertising for last, once you fully understand your target audience.

When you are ready to invest in paid ads, here are some tips on how to move forth. Research your target audience and divide them into several smaller categories. (Keep in mind age groups, level of education, locations, and income levels.) Try out a number of different ad campaigns with various formats to see which one proves the best results. Set your budget for paid ads (never spend too much), and be ready to adjust accordingly as you monitor the outcomes.

  • No Strategy on Social Media

A common mistake businesses make with digital marketing is the lack of planning and strategizing when it comes to their social media pages. So many companies fail to gain traction, because they post randomly and aren’t really thinking about what it is that they’re posting. When used correctly, the power of social media is incredible in this day and age, resulting in an increase of brand loyalty and awareness, driving leads and conversions, furthering your understanding of your target audience, and even saving money spent on other marketing strategies. 

Avoid this common mistake by first determining the right social media platforms for your business. If you’re unsure, search your competitors and see what content they’re sharing and what results are most successful on which platforms. Consistency and timing are key when it comes to posting on social media. Research the specific time of each day that is suggested to post, which will boost your post’s reach. A curated page that inspires, entertains, and/or educates your followers is best for success. Lastly, engage with your followers so you can develop a connection between your brand and your customers. Respond to their comments, live-stream some videos, and keep your page bright and colorful. 

If you are overwhelmed by the idea of controlling your business’ digital marketing, hire an expert from a digital marketing company, like Influence Digital Solutions. We know how to present the best social media posts, optimize search engine keywords, and how to bring success to your business through the power of the internet. Let us help your business reach new heights with the magic of digital marketing!

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