How to Show Your Gratitude Through Digital Marketing

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How to Show Your Gratitude Through Digital Marketing

November 27, 2020 Uncategorized 0

It likely goes without saying that this year brought an exceeding amount of stress to all of our lives, regardless of the field you work in. But accompanying that stress likely came moments of intense gratitude: a team member that stepped up in a big way, a solution that came about in a way you didn’t anticipate, or a pivot that needed to happen and this was just the catalyst to do it. There’s a way you can channel this gratitude and spread it to your audience, so they know you’re grateful for all of them too. Here are our top tips to encourage holiday cheer and gratitude for the close of 2020. 

Tip #1: Highlight Your Amazing Team

You likely don’t have to think very hard to think of every time a team member took on an extra responsibility, worked harder than he/she ever has, or found a solution in a moment of crisis this year. If anything, you can probably think of half a dozen team members, at least. Maybe a lot more. Don’t you think that deserves some special thanks?

Show your appreciation by doing a video campaign that highlights team members that stepped up in a big way this year, and ask them to share what they’re grateful for. Not only are you highlighting them, but you’re also giving them a moment to share the good in their lives to inspire others to do the same. This offers your audience some humanity behind your brand, and also supports the amazing efforts of your hard working team.

Tip #2: Highlight Your Supportive Customers

If you’re lucky enough to be in business this year, you have a lot of consumers to thank! A quick and easy way to give them the spotlight is through your brand’s social media channels.

Encourage customers to take a selfie with your product or brand, while watching your company’s live stream, etc., and tag you in it. Go one step further and give them a retweet, feature them in an Instagram post, or highlight their support on your LinkedIn page. Your audiences will appreciate your networking on their behalf and love that you’re providing them with a free digital advertisement. It’s a win-win for both sides, and makes everyone share in the gratitude for each other. 

Tip #3: Offer a Gift

A small gift can go a long way. Especially at a time when people’s bank accounts may have been hit harder than they expected, consumers are more likely to be appreciative of brands that offer discounts, free products, or small gift cards to their base. 

In addition, give your audience a unique set of benefits to make them feel truly valued. Write a special ebook or white paper and allow readers or subscribers to read or download it without charge. If you’re strapped for time, you can also offer a “sneak preview” of an upcoming post, event, or product launch. Choose something that aligns with your brand and celebrates their support. 

Tip #4: Say “Thank You”

This feels so simple, and yet it’s surprising how often brands don’t take the season of giving to give thanks to everyone who makes their business possible! For holiday emails, newsletters, or social media posts, be sure to keep the message short and sweet — warm wishes like “thanks for your continued support” or “seasons greetings.” In alignment with Tip #3, this is also the perfect chance to announce your special discount or free gift!

A global pandemic layered onto an unpredictable election year made us lose a lot of sleep this year, but if we dig deeper than that, there’s a lot that came out of this year that we couldn’t have learned otherwise. Show your gratitude by following the steps provided, and you’ll be sure to enter 2021 with a renewed perspective for all the people that make your business run strong. Or, if you need help making it happen, turn to the experts. Upgrade your digital strategy by outsourcing to the experts, and let Influence Digital Solutions help your business today!

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