Undoubtedly, social media is an incredible platform for businesses and the digital marketing opportunities are endless. However, in today’s world, social media should be more focused on businesses strengthening their relationships with their followers and providing inspiration, instead of blatantly selling products. Businesses need to understand that success via social media will only stem from authenticity and inspiration. If you really want brand loyalty from your followers, simply pushing marketing messages is not going to cut it. With the overwhelming amount of content there is on social media, your posts need to connect with your followers directly, in order for them to engage. The formula to social media success is 70% inspiration and 30% sales. So what kind of posts should businesses be sharing to promote connection and engagement? Keep reading!

  • Build Trust with Your Followers

You have to build trust with your followers by providing motivation and inspiration as often as possible. This means posting consistently and with a purpose. Posting content just for the sake of getting something up there, won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Join forces with a digital marketing team and create a content calendar to keep your posts on track. Really think about the goals you want to accomplish with each of your posts. When you focus more on showcasing your expertise versus selling your products, you will ultimately build trust. Your followers come to learn that what you offer is worth their while.

  • Engage with your Followers

Show your followers that you value them. Reply to comments, and “like” and comment on tagged posts with your products. Communicate with your followers by asking questions AND responding. It’s crucial to understand the struggles of your target audience and provide the best solutions to help. This shows your followers that you care about them and want to make them happy, which will in time, create brand loyalty. 

  • Share Personal Experiences

If your business doesn’t share personal experiences, you can forget about the sales.You need to build an honest image for your marketing strategy. Connecting with customers and followers on a personal level is the best way to do it. Create posts that highlight the members of your team with personal anecdotes or fun Q&A’s. Customers want to see the people behind the curtain of their favorite brands. Share your company’s story of origin with photos from the past. Include your brand’s mission and share exactly how you are working to make it happen. THIS is the content that will inspire your followers and increase your customer base.

Remember, the goal is to give your followers a reason to connect with your business and engage with your brand. It is downright essential to provide social media content that centers on inspiration and motivation, instead of pushing services and products so obviously. If you can demonstrate that you are an honest company of experts, people will want to engage with your brand. If you need help with your business’s social media engagement, contact Influence Digital Solutions. We’re here to help!

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