The Key to Staying Afloat

The Key to Staying Afloat

It’s certainly not easy to navigate your business’ next steps when a pandemic strikes. People throughout the global market continue to strategize about how to move forward, especially when events get canceled and morale drops to a new low. But every business has a choice: see this as nothing more than a gut punch or work to see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. 

You can use this time to buckle down and think strategically about what to do next, and focusing on digital marketing may be the thing that will keep you (and your mental wellbeing) intact. 

Measurable Results

One of the major benefits of turning your focus to digital marketing is that it offers real, tangible results. Instead of face-to-face interactions, your energy can be spent studying your spending on return investments, and seeing which activities generate the highest number of quality leads.

With the silver lining of having a little more free time without a commute and the day-to-day workings of an office space, you can take the time to comb through your digital results and see what’s really working for you and your business. 

Now is the Time

Has updating your website been on the bottom of your To Do list because other things have required your immediate attention? With so many people stuck at home using only the internet to connect them, this could very well be the ideal time to make sure your business’ online presence is the best it could possibly be. And with the cancellation of so many events, now is the best time to extend your digital content marketing outreach to ensure steady and timely communication with your audience.

For promotional strategies, consider the following questions:

  • Does the content on my website have the right marketing messages and appropriate call to actions?
  • Could my website benefit from some new blog posts, and would now be a good time to begin writing them?
  • Do our marketing materials deserve an update, and could this time be used to update and polish them?
  • Could I collaborate with my team and draft a storyline for our next video?
  • And on a personal level, am I doing my part to make sure I’m encouraging a safe and healthy environment for all?

If you’re thinking about visibility, consider the following actions:

  • Check your website’s current organic search and consider ways to optimize your SEO
  • Consider all the ways your business is utilizing each social media platform and how you could expand your outreach and crystallize your online storytelling
  • Think about how an upcoming event could be transformed into a digital event, and how you can improve upon your brand awareness and engagement
  • With more eyes on email inboxes, consider new topics for future press releases and articles 
  • Most importantly, think of new ways to communicate that the coronavirus will not stop you and your business: you are still available and interested in your customer’s business for 2020

At a time like this, the future feels uncertain. But work to keep your mind strong and your business healthy: see this as an opportunity to clean and polish your digital marketing strategies so that when business returns to normal, you can give your full focus to the next steps, and not the things holding you back. 

If this is something you believe your business could benefit from and you’re looking to bring your digital marketing to the next level, Influence Digital Solutions is here to help. Get started with us today! 

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