The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

July 25, 2019 Digital Marketing 0

Today’s social media platforms level the marketing playing field in an unprecedented way. Universally accessible resources make it easier than ever for small businesses to compete with high-budget marketing operations. 

It’s a wise idea to invest in digital marketing, but it is crucial for businesses on a budget to be strategic. Social media accounts act similarly to long-term marketing campaigns, so the allocation of resources should be geared towards building platforms that reflect the important values of your business. 

Industry experts all agree on a few key tips that can help your digital media strategy compete alongside big budget operations. 

  1. Content. The best way to market on social media will always be to create compelling content for your industry. The quality of your content is an exact reverse-correlation to the amount you will spend on digital advertising. Social media users spend an average of just a few seconds on each post as they scroll, so make sure yours is attention-grabbing and tailored to their exact preferences. Be creative with a variety of products and formats to share in your content. 
  2. Platform. Your marketing platform should be geared toward mobile devices. Each year, the amount of information we consume on our phones increases. You wouldn’t create a long-term marketing strategy that would become obsolete during the campaign itself. Your digital media marketing platform should be relevant for years to come, which means your primary focus should be on mobile devices and apps. 
  3. Network. Social and digital media networking on LinkedIn is even more effective for a business than for an individual. Build a profile for your business the same way you would for yourself, and increase your visibility with paid marketing posts. This strategy is especially effective for B2B marketing or marketing toward a professional clientele. 
  4. Spend Money. It’s true that you need to spend money in order to earn money, and digital marketing is no exception. Paid advertising does not have to break the bank, but it is a crucial component to compete with high-budget operations.  
  5. Data is King. Personalizing digital ads and improving customer service requires a substantial amount of knowledge about your targeted demographic. Invest in some data-mining software in order to learn valuable information about your customers. Act on those profitable insights by personalizing your digital strategy. 
  6. Focus. If you don’t have the resources to cast a wide net over your digital marketing strategy, strengthen your capital where it matters. For small businesses, this means keyword search and search engine optimization, which will allow your customers the ease of ability to find you.
  7. Don’t spam. Your customers, prospects, and influencers will not appreciate it. Through permission marketing, you can ensure that you only send emails and other material to those who have explicitly opted-in. 
  8. Make it easy. The fewer clicks required to buy your products, the better. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a large number of potential customers abandon their cart before checkout. Invest in “buy” buttons on your social media channels, which have been shown to increase completed purchases. 
  9. Email. People often forget that an email is a form of digital marketing. Email newsletters are a highly effective and low-cost marketing tool, especially for certain demographics. While younger millennials (ages 25-35) spend much of their time scrolling through Instagram, their older counterparts (35-45) are checking their emails. The older half of the millennial generation has a disproportionate amount of buying power, so don’t ignore their primary communication platform. 
  10. Start Local. Your small business can make a big splash with a laser-focused local strategy. Even if you are in a big city like New York, you can target your demographic by zip code or even street name. Digital marketing allows you to focus on building a network starting with those closest to you. Take advantage of this incredible feature. 

For many small businesses, the most cost-effective and results-driven marketing strategy relies on the support of an industry specialist. Contact Influence Digital Solutions to learn more about how you can optimize your digital or social media success! 

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