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As we enter the winter season, digital marketing gurus around the globe are preparing for a successful 2022. Keeping up with all of the moving parts of digital marketing can surely be a mighty task. Marketers still face a world disrupted by the pandemic. The digital landscape is constantly changing as new technologies and techniques are learned and utilized. With the new year on the horizon, your business needs to stay on top of these trends for the best results. Now is as good of a time as ever to dive into the top 5 trends in digital marketing for 2022!

  1. No More Cookies

Since consumers have been demanding greater privacy protection and control over their data, Google has recently announced its plan to end cookie tracking in early 2022. This will result in major changes from digital advertisers. We know that users’ data provides crucial information for many businesses, but we must now value the user’s privacy and protection and search for different methods.

First, try Zero-party data. This form of data analysis has been gaining more popularity because it is data given directly by the consumer to the brand. Collecting zero-party data can be done by filling out a survey, consumer/brand interaction, or even gamification. CRM tools will become increasingly necessary for marketing success once cookie tracking is gone. 

  1. Gamification

Let’s face it- we ALL have games on our phones to keep us busy or to give us a brain break. Games currently dominate the world of app downloads. They are engaging, fun, and even addictive. In terms of digital marketing, gamification involves including game-like elements in non-gaming platforms such as email newsletters or campaigns, apps, or websites. Their effectiveness in customer engagement is clear and they provide a more engaging user experience and positive connection to your brand.

  1. Hybrid Events

Virtual events became the only way to continue engaging with audiences and followers during the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some people are now just starting to feel comfortable with gathering in-person again, but there are still limitations set by the CDC that prevent full “normal” gatherings. Companies have to make the decision whether to return to in-person gatherings or keep on with virtual events, to include those not yet comfortable or even available to return.

That’s where hybrid events shine! The hybrid format allows for both audiences to enjoy the same event simultaneously. When implementing the hybrid approach for your 2022 event, make sure you include a strong digital component using advanced technologies (like AR or VR) to create an immersive experience for those at home and connection between both audiences. 

  1. Influencer Marketing

We know the power and impact that social media influencers have on their following. They gain trust in their followers in whatever specific field they are in, ranging from the events industry, to the beauty industry, to animal activism, etc. Influencers use their social media platforms to promote businesses, services, or messages and the marketing possibilities have proven to be very effective. Be sure to find influencers with the right group of followers. It is more important to have an audience of followers that are dedicated and supportive than a large following that may not be as connected. 

  1. Interactive Content

More than ever, we are all searching for connection. We want to relate to one another on a purposeful level. Brands want to connect with consumers and consumers want to feel something when they think of your brand and company. Advanced technologies can offer opportunities of connection by creating augmented and virtual reality experiences.

AR and VR provide digital marketers with a way to guide online users through an interactive space. Consumers can then experience your company’s product or brand in a more personal setting. They can take a virtual tour, discover your products, or even see how they are made, all from the comfort of their home. By bringing your brand to them, the connection deepens between brand and consumer.

With every new year, there comes change and 2022 will be no different! We don’t know the impact that all these changes will make to the world of digital marketing, but we do know that the pressure from consumers will only grow over time. Staying open to experimentation is key. Digital marketers should be ready to adapt to the changes so they can remain relevant to their target audiences.

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