When the Pandemic’s Behind Us, Will Your Social Media Be Okay?

When the Pandemic’s Behind Us, Will Your Social Media Be Okay?

No one quite expected what our world would look like once COVID-19 began disrupting our day-to-day routines. Workplaces were forced to rearrange themselves, schools and universities quickly went online, and video conferencing became the way we all socialized and did business. We got used to our stay-at-home lives, and the businesses that worked to stay afloat made sure their social media presence was alive and well.

But when this pandemic comes to a close, can you be sure your social media remains at the top of its game? However you may determine your social media outreach and quality, make sure you’re learning from this time so that you can stay relevant after the coronavirus is behind us.

The People Behind the Brand

One of the silver linings of this moment is that it forced many businesses to strip away some of the commercial flair of their industry and really bring their content to a grounded and relatable and level.

Scheduled posts were put on-hold for many organizations, as every day it seemed new information or guidelines were being produced, and businesses were forced to adapt. With this, brands began developing a new sense of trust with their audiences, as posting in real-time, in response to real moments, offered a glimpse of authenticity to audiences. This authenticity ultimately lent itself to a new sense of brand loyalty, as audiences started to find comfort in both the product and the people behind it. 

Make sure you’re continuing this trend as the world begins to reopen. Audiences enjoy connecting with the personalities behind the brand, so don’t be afraid to add some humanity and lightheartedness to your future social media posts.

Focus on Quality and Value to Your Followers

With so many people using their screens to check-in with the world, the quality and value of content you produce has grown increasingly important. Audiences have grown more sensitive to how a brand has been responding to COVID-19. In addition, more people are considering the value that each organization offers to our changing world.

Continue to keep this thinking alive with your social media, as it’ll continue to make sure you’re always vetting your content to bring only the best to the forefront. 

Prioritize the Conversation 

When you look back on this moment, you’ll likely remember how your organization reconsidered the importance of clicks and thought about how important it was to connect meaningfully with your audience. You’ve likely learned an exorbitant amount of useful information about your brand and its messaging.

Especially in times like this, social media starts with conversations. You have the power to continue leaning into this aspect of social media to continue engaging with your audience and learning from them. 

Keep Leveraging

When we look back at the spring of 2020, a lot of us will remember working hours we never thought we would, working to find solutions to problems we thought were impossible to find. We leveraged our community – our network, our friends, our partners, our colleagues – and we became more collaborative than we’d ever been. And to no one’s surprise, the more we collaborated, the more solutions we found, and the more we learned from one another. 

Something as simple as remembering the power of community and how it inspired new and exciting content could be a great gift for your future digital marketing strategy. 

Remember this Moment

Although it may seem hard to believe, most of us will move on from this moment and not think twice about it. Years from now, the world will be fully open, and we’ll be busy worrying about our typical “To Do” lists, family needs, and professional goals. But there’s an invaluable merit to meditating on this time, and remembering all that you learned about yourself, your business, and your digital marketing strategies. When you look back, do you think you’ll say, “I think we handled that the best we possibly could”? Or might it be closer to, “Please, never again!” 

It’s not easy to know what the appropriate next steps are to keep a business’ social media presence alive in a time of crisis, but that’s why it’s good to turn to the experts. Upgrade your digital strategy by outsourcing to the experts, and let Influence Digital Solutions help you today!

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