Why are testimonials so important?

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Why are testimonials so important?

January 22, 2020 Digital Marketing 0

Let’s face it, there are a number of options for nearly every product on the market. When making a purchasing decision, the majority of consumers want to make sure they’re getting a great product for their hard-earned cash. Testimonials are an incredibly important tool for consumers, and the credibility they lend is essential for businesses. How many times have you heard phrases like “9 out of 10 dentists agree,” or “Join 200,000 users who switched”? These statements are so widely used because they constitute social proof of the quality of a product. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best marketing tools for any business, and a great way to get there in today’s anonymous digital world is with testimonials. 

Who should make use of testimonials? The short answer is: everyone, regardless of what kind of brand, service, or product they sell. The way different brands might go about getting testimonials, however, can vary. Many major online marketplaces, from The App Store, to Amazon, to Google Maps, allow consumers to post about their experience. If you’re a small business without a presence on these online spaces, you should reach out to your customer or client base directly. Don’t be shy about asking those who have seen you in action, or who have liked your product. It can’t hurt to ask, and it can certainly help! 

Once acquired, testimonials should be featured prominently on the homepage of a website. A testimonial is essential your clients are telling potential customers that they were happy with their purchase and recommending that they make the same decision. The decision to buy, or not to, very frequently takes place in the same web browser as the opportunity to buy. As such, a few well-placed testimonials could translate to a major difference in conversion rate. The closer in proximity, the fewer clicks, between the testimonials and the online checkout, the more their effect translates into sales. Influence Digital Solutions’ website is complete with a “Clients” tab – a fantastic way to showcase our happy customers to potential clients!

Don’t discount the power of testimonials. A well-written, authentic and genuine review from your average Joe can be just as lucrative as a paid sponsorship from an influencer. When you combine the persuasive power of customer testimonials with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, your message will reach vast audiences.

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