Email marketing has become a standard tool in the digital marketing realm. No matter how beautiful your marketing emails may look, if the content is not clear and concise, your subscribers will stop opening and start deleting. So how do you write a high performing email campaign that is destined to get opened and clicked? It all comes down to a few tricks! Keep reading to learn some of the best practices that you can include in your next email campaign.

  • The Subject Line

The subject line is perhaps the most prominent element in the inbox, which increases its significant effect on opening/clicking rates. So how can you craft your subject line? Keep it short and attention grabbing. Remember, no one will even want to read your email copy if they aren’t interested enough to open it in the first place. Including personal pronouns such as “You/Your/You’re” will show that you’re speaking directly to your subscribers and is proven to increase clicks. It may seem a bit obvious, but be sure your subject line is in alignment with the content in your email. If the subject line is misleading, it’s likely that your subscribers will lose their trust and not open other campaign emails from your company, or even unsubscribe.


  • Write a Compelling Body Content

Once the subject line has been perfectly crafted, it’s time to grab your audience’s full attention in the body of your email. Constructing compelling body content isn’t about using flouncy words, but about clearly explaining to your audience what your company is offering and the benefits it will bring them. Being able to understand this is what motivates your subscribers to explore your website and make purchases. 

Here’s how to do it:

The initial step is to use the first paragraph of the email to explain how you and your subscriber connect. Remind your email recipient that they signed up for updates with your company after they purchased a certain item or that they attended a certain event your company hosted and signed up to get on the email list. Once you remind them of this, there is a greater likelihood that that person will read the rest of your email and continue to connect further with your brand. Continue to use “you/your/you’re” to keep the focus on the subscriber, but here you can start to introduce “we/we’re/our” and draw some attention to the mutual relationship between them and your brand.

As you continue to write your body content, keep it brief and to the point. Think about what you respond to when opening up emails in your own inbox. If you open up a lengthy marketing email, do you read everything word for word? Probably not. Most of us scan the email for important words and information, so again, keep it clear and concise. If you send an email that holds a lengthy amount of information, your subscribers will probably pass it by simply because they don’t have the time or energy to even search for the important information. Instead, find a way to summarize the details in a compelling way, leaving enough mystery to encourage them to click on your website for more information. 

Even though you want your emails to inform your subscribers, it’s important to let your company’s personality shine through. This will help continue to build a trusting relationship with your email recipients. After all, it’s all about how you communicate with them. Providing a lovable experience for people and they will want more.

In this day and age, where people are constantly on their devices and attention spans have greatly reduced, it’s more important than ever to carefully craft your marketing emails. If you struggle writing campaign emails or could benefit from a digital marketing agency, contact Influence Digital Solutions and we’ll be ready to help your business reach its maximum potential!

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