As a satisfied Influence Digital Solutions client, I could write a thousand words on what their company provides to me on a weekly basis that allows me to be a more effective and knowledgeable Event Production Company. ‘Genuine expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Sabrina.
Shawn Cooper
Chief Revenue Officer at Wizard Studios NY
Sabrina Shore and her team from Influence Digital Solutions have been key in developing my story and presence on social media. I greatly value her insights, which have helped me target my messaging and photography, develop my voice, and focus on my audience. I appreciate our productive weekly calls, where we check in to discuss changes and update formatting.
Mark Musters
Creative Designer
I was trying to make and send my own email blasts for 6 months, in which time I never received a single response. The first email newsletter Sabrina and her team created for me immediately resulted in two new clients. I am so grateful for the increased business that Influence Digital Solutions generated for my brand.
Mark Viola
President and CEO of MRV Hospitality
Five months working with Sabrina, and I'm already an influencer! So easy, so straightforward. I now have a partner to help build my brand.
Elizabeth Beskin
President of 5th Avenue Digital
The great service that IDS offers can not be overstated. Sabrina Shore is a very well-connected leader with an amazing reputation, and her vast knowledge of digital marketing’s best practices, trends, and analytics offered my business immediate ROI. She’s highly organized, offers plans with efficient and realistic timelines, responds quickly, always gives great attention to detail, and has an extraordinary eye for design. Under her leadership and coaching, I’ve made over 2,500 valuable contacts on LinkedIn that have led to unrivaled professional relationships, new prospects, and booked clients. Simply put, this plan is the best business purchase I have made for my company to date.
Carrie Sims
Owner & Event Designer at Carrie Sims Event Design
Sabrina and her team at Influence Digital Marketing make a social media campaign seamless. They are a talented marketing group who take the time to understand my marketing goals and how best to represent the brand, reach followers and encourage substantial content.
Dianne Devitt
Experiential Consultant & Author
I have had the great privilege of working with Sabrina and her team at Influence Digital Solutions for almost 2 years now. We had been through 2-3 agencies to work on getting our social media presence, keywords and reach to grow at a much more substantial rate - with little to no results. Needless to say by way of this glowing recommendation, Sabrina and her team have met and exceeded all of the goals our team put before them. And the fact that we hired them at the very beginning of the pandemic speaks even more to her expertise in messaging for a LIVE event company. As we pivoted to virtual and hybrid, she was right there with the best solutions. She is laser-focused on the Event space, but her expertise reaches far beyond that. I would recommend any new, growing, or established company to let Sabrina and her team grow your social media presence!
Don Donahue
Business Development Director at Streamline Event Agency
As I became President of the NYC Chapter of the International Live Events Association I was lucky enough to meet Sabrina. She was nominated onto our Board of Directors by a mutual colleague and friend. Sabrina is not only amazing, she is ridiculously impressive. She took on a volunteer position and treated it as if it were a paid one. She is insightful, studious, intelligent, thoughtful and collegial. She has single handedly raised the profile of our Chapter. To paraphrase Einstein, if you are consistently the smartest person in the room, find another room. I am never in that danger when I am in a room with her, though I think she might constantly be looking for new rooms.In my professional dealings with Sabrina, I have become quite close to her. I would be remiss if I did not say that I feel as though she is the sister I never had.I recommend Sabrina Shore as a business woman, an innovator, a philanthropist and most importantly as a decent, marvelous human being.
Matt Bonavita
Owner and Co-Founder of Rhythm In Motion, Inc.