We are fastly approaching the holiday season filled with festivities, excitement, and of course, gift-giving. The end of the year always seems to be the busiest time of the year. It’s not only the time to show your loved ones you care about them by giving gifts, but it’s the time to show your community and supporters too. With so many worthy causes fighting for donor attention, it can be difficult to know how to make your mission known and which campaign to participate in. 

Take this opportunity of giving back as a push forward into next year. Influence Digital Solutions has put together a list of the best holiday season giving campaign ideas to help your team achieve success during the busy giving season.


Matching donations or gifts is an important part of giving back in the corporate world. Businesses that value philanthropy design programs to support their philanthropic goals. When a business promises a matching gift, it means it’ll provide an additional and equivalent donation to the chosen organization that it asked its audiences to support. 

Spreading the word about matching gifts and encouraging donors to share during the giving holiday season can drastically boost your revenue. You’d be surprised how many donors say they would increase their donations if they knew companies would match. So choose your favorite charity and show your followers how you’re company cares for others. 


Leverage the power of social media and ask your followers to post pictures as a part of your “Giving Back” campaign. This motivates them to engage with your organization during the holiday and associate your brand with philanthropy. Invite them to post images of themselves wearing or using your brand’s products or attending an event or your store. 

For this campaign to be successful, you’ll need to create a unique hashtag for your company’s campaign. Give a deadline for the competition and encourage your followers to post, post, post! Once the deadline arrives, peruse the images and repost the top photos throughout the day. Incentivize the contest by offering an exciting prize to the most favorite picture posted by a follower. 


Selling your company’s products during your “Giving Back” campaign is a fantastic way to increase revenue while engaging directly with your followers. Promise to give a portion of all your proceeds to a predetermined charity of your choice. Make sure your followers know this beforehand. They will more proud to buy your products, knowing that they will also be contributing to a good cause! This charitable campaign idea is especially effective when you sell products that are related to your campaign mission and goal. 


Virtual events have become a new staple in the world of events and event planners know how to make virtual events just as engaging and fun as in-person options. Virtual giving events make it super easy for supporters to get involved and interact with your brand, all without leaving their homes in the chilly winter months. 

Host a fundraising event on your favorite social media platform with the offered live-streaming capabilities. Include entertainment and speeches so your guests are entertained while giving back. Auctions, contests, and games are all fun ways to get involved and help raise funds for your favorite charity. Market your event with well-enough time in advance so your followers know when to tune in. Be sure to post your fundraising progress with a fundraising thermometer to keep your followers updated on the status of your campaign. 

These are just a few of our favorite campaigns for giving back, but the possibilities are endless! If you’re in the market for more inspiration on how your company can give back this holiday season, contact the experts at Influence Digital Solutions and let’s get started on your charitable campaign today!

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