Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok have many social media stars that hold to power to influence the behaviors and interests of their audience. Due to the fact that social media has a significant impact on society and its trends, brands work with influencers to reach large audiences. Influencers open the door to an increase in an organization’s credibility, and users can idolize social media personalities. A brand no longer has to rely on building its own audience but can work with influencers to publicize a product and directly reach a target audience. Influencers are constantly setting the trends and changing the game that is social media. Brands will continue to harness the power of these influencers, and there are many reasons why it is important to work with individuals who are well-known in the social media world. 


Building a platform takes time and consistency, making it hard to gain an audience in a quick amount of time. In order to establish an emotional connection with an audience, influencers work hard when posting content, allowing them to grab the attention of millions. Many brands want to reach the same audiences as these influencers but do not have the audience or resources to do so on their own. By reaching out to influencers, brands do not have to curate their own audiences but can use influencers’ connections to better advertise their product. Also, brands can tap into new demographics by reaching out to social media stars who have already amassed large amounts of users. Reaching out to influencers provides brands with the ability to increase product engagement and awareness that they would not have received otherwise. 

Influencers are the passage between a brand and its target audience. Audiences look up to influencers and are often inspired by them. Users engage with social media stars’ messages and will make changes to follow their lifestyles. Influencers’ ability to connect with their audiences to remain consistent results in a large following is something that can be leveraged by brands. Brands that are working towards meeting their target audience do not have to gather followers on their own but can work with influencers who already have a large following to market products. Collaborating with an influencer is an easy and authentic way to establish an emotional connection between a user and a product. To learn more about how to reach large audiences and create a brand voice that resonates with users, check out our blog about how to build a brand’s voice


Influencers have a specific niche and content creation that resonates with their target audience, further giving influencers the ability to promote products relevant to their specialty. Influencers are not seen as a brand or corporation, but as a relatable person that can establish an emotional connection with their audience. When utilizing this connection, influencers have the power to influence their audience’s behaviors and decision-making. When social media stars recommend a product, their audience will buy it. With the visual and emotional appeal that social media stars have gained while connecting with their audience, users are willing to listen to what they have to say. Their authenticity resonates with audiences, therefore giving them the power to sell products and persuade. 

Influencers create a strong emotional connection with their audiences, and when promoting a brand, they are increasing the credibility of the product. Social media stars publish authentic and engaging content that leads to a sense of trust. They often tell stories that are compelling to their target audiences. Audiences look up to social media stars and often want to emulate white lifestyles. When an influencer recommends a product, their audience will want to look into the product for themselves and view the recommendation as genuine. Also, when an influencer explains how a product fits into their daily lives, they are providing evidence that the product provides benefits.  Due to the fact that influencers are authentic and what they say resonates with other users, brands will work with them to promote products to establish credibility. 

Overall, influencers’ ability to persuade and reach large audiences demonstrates the power of a brand partnership. Social media stars have the ability to establish an emotional connection that resonates with their audience, further influencing their audience’s behaviors and lifestyle. When a brand works with an influencer, credibility is established as users look up to and trust this online source. Influencers promoting a product are proof that it provides many benefits in the eyes of an audience. In addition to an audience’s ability to persuade, they are also able to reach large audiences. A brand may be unable to spread awareness through social media, but by utilizing the power of an influencer, an organization could increase engagement exponentially. Influencers play a large role in consumer engagement, making them important resources in an advertisement. 
To gain a better understanding of the power of an influencer, visit our blog post about the Best Games to Play With Your Audience and How to Collect Data on the Way, and if you need help driving your business, contact the experts at Influence Digital Solutions today!

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