Instagram games are a great tool to utilize in order to boost engagement and connect with your online community. They’ve become an important player in social media marketing as they help businesses increase followers and raise brand awareness. If you find yourself struggling to find ideas for content, this is a great way to add some variety to your account and give your followers a chance to interact with your business. Instagram games are perfect for boosting engagement, getting to know your followers better, and striking up direct conversations with your target audience. But what games can actually be useful when it comes to boosting engagement? 

  • Three Truths & A Lie

“Three Truths and a Lie” is a fun game that lots of people are familiar with, and it’s pretty easy for your followers to play along. This game works best on Instagram stories. To play, simply make four separate posts to your story in any order, three with a fact about yourself or your business, and one with a “believable lie”. Then, add another post using the Poll Sticker to have followers choose which of the facts isn’t true. This Instagram game is really easy for all your followers to engage in, and gives them a great opportunity to get to know your brand better.  

  • Hashtag Challenge

Have you heard of Hashtag challenges? They’re another great way to spread brand awareness on Instagram! Again, they’re a super simple game option, so all of your followers, no matter how tech-savvy, can play along. Hosting a hashtag contest is just as easy as playing. Invite followers to participate in the contest by creating a post for their feed or their story. This could be a dance challenge, a DIY hack challenge, or whatever goes along with your business! Here’s the important step: partner the post with a brand-specific hashtag. As your followers post to enter the challenge, their followers will see the posts, and thus, see your hashtag. You get the ball rolling and let social media do the rest! This will expand your company’s reach and engagement as it creates a domino effect with Instagram users. You’ll also get to interact directly with your followers and learn more about them along the way, which could provide valuable data for your business to use.

  • This or That

Our favorite Instagram game is called “This or That”, which uses Instagram stories to encourage followers to interact with your page. This game is so popular because everyone loves to participate and share their opinions, as well as see how other Instagrammers feel about hot topics. To host this game, find an already made template or create your own using websites like Adobe or Canva. “This or That” templates can fall into a theme specific to your business, or they can be random in order to get to know your audience. Don’t forget to mark your template with your brand name, so that people will know it’s yours when it’s being reposted! Post the template to your story and let your followers take it from there! Encourage them to reshare it to their stories with their choices circled or underlined. This will explode your brand visibility and help you learn a lot about your followers!

  • Get To Know Your Followers Challenge

The goal of all these games is not only to have fun with your followers but really get to know them too. The better you understand and interact with your target audience, the better your company can learn from the data and grow. Here’s a challenge that is specifically made to directly get to know your audience. The “Get to Know Your Followers” challenge is another post with a template that encourages your followers to fill out their answers and tag your page. You can ask your followers to list their favorite things, hobbies, occupations, etc. — anything you want to know about them. Repost your followers’ stories and share their answers with your community. Resharing will help make your followers feel valued and seen while enhancing your online community’s effectiveness. By fully understanding your audience, you can curate your page to appeal to your target audience and engage with them on a deeper level. 

Engaging with your audience with fun interactive Instagram games is a sure way to boost your engagement. There’s no time like the present to start hosting challenges to connect with your followers! If you need more help engaging with your target audience on social media, let Influence Digital Solutions help!

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