2020 Social Media Trends

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2020 Social Media Trends

January 7, 2020 Digital Marketing 0

In so many ways, the year 2020 marks a brand new start. For those in the digital marketing field, it signifies more than just a new year or even a new decade. The 2010s brought us the widespread popularity of nearly every social media platform in use today. Instagram, a transformational app with larger sales power than all of the others combined, launched in October 2010. As this incredible platform enters its second decade, we can’t help but wonder what trends we will see in 2020 and the years ahead. No matter what happens, one thing is for sure – the innovative nature of social media means we have a lot to look forward to! 

  • New Platforms 

The more sophisticated our digital media infrastructure becomes, the more niche platforms we expect to pop up as home base to various demographics. It’s not just about Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter anymore. The youngest digital generation is heavily represented on TikTok, while professionals of all ages have a strong presence on LinkedIn. Gamers migrate towards Twitch, and the growing digital influence of China likely means a spread in the international use of Weibo. Brands who want to keep up with these ever-evolving trends will need to take stock of their demographic and seek them out on the appropriate digital platforms. 

  • Stories 

Within the next year, we expect nearly 100% of business Instagram accounts to take advantage of Instagram stories. These ephemeral morsels of content are the digital tidbits audiences crave, and they can even be saved as permanent fixtures of a social media page through story highlights. Every digital action has an equal and opposite reaction, so what will be the result of the increased popularity of Instagram stories? Digital marketing content will include more stories promoted as ads, which will be frequently interspersed throughout users’ stories and highlights. 

  • No More Likes? 

Have you heard the rumors? Instagram may be getting rid of visible likes. While some accounts have already received this update, most users in the United States are unaware of the impending change. While Instagram claims that its intention is centered on the mental health of users, Instagram itself has the most potential to benefit from this policy. Without likes as a metric of audience engagement, it will be more difficult for brands to assess the profitability of influencer partnerships. This will inevitably result in fewer influencer-posted sponsorships, and more paid advertisements. As we see influencer-sponsored marketing decline, Instagram will rake much more of the profits of promoted content. 

  • Shoppability 

Forget everything you know about a “link in bio,” because Instagram is about to become a one stop shop. Facebook Business and Instagram will merge to the greatest extent possible in order to create a seamless social media and digital shopping experience. Soon, it will be the norm to purchase products directly from your favorite brand’s social media page, rather than being redirected to an online store. Have your wallet handy next time you scroll! 

  • User-Generated Content 

Today’s incredible pocket-sized technology means that absolutely anyone can create quality digital content. Rather than competing with other business accounts, companies of all types and sizes will do well to capitalize on their audience. For example, Airbnb has led the way in many social and technological innovations, including exclusive use of user-generated content on their social media platforms. With 4.6M followers and counting, @airbnb features stunning properties and experiences using only photos taken by their consumers. This tech-savvy company outsources all of it’s digital content, including photographers, equipment, and even spokespeople. This budget-friendly content creation strategy is an incredibly efficient way to slash overhead costs and create a wide digital community that connects all members of an audience. 

Social media has always been and will continue to be a highly-competitive tool that evolves quickly and changes constantly. Although anyone can create a business account, it is a significant time and energy investment to keep up with all of the trends and to analyze all relevant data points. If you are a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Make your New Years’ Resolution to upgrade your digital strategy by outsourcing to the experts. Influence Digital Solutions is here to help!

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