Conquer 2021 With Advanced PR Services From Influence Digital Solutions

Conquer 2021 With Advanced PR Services From Influence Digital Solutions

Over the course of the last 12 months, many businesses were able to successfully pivot online to stay afloat and connect with their consumers. But as our world finds its way into an uncharted territory, made up of a mix of virtual and in-person business, schooling, and recreational activities, what’s expected of businesses is changing quickly. Pivoting online isn’t the only thing needed to stay afloat; much more is required for organizations to thrive in this ever-changing marketplace.

In the aftermath of COVID, Influence Digital Solutions is here to provide a strategically cultivated solution: our new Advanced PR Services. In this exciting addition to our Web Media and Social Media services, Influence Digital Solutions is here to offer your business everything it needs to find enormous success in the digital world – for 2021 and beyond! 

What is Advanced PR? 

Strong public relations and communications are essential to the success of any organization, and modern day PR services that stay connected to the times have dramatically increased businesses’ influence, reach, and ROI – especially in light of COVID. 

What Digital Influence Solutions is prepared to offer helps leaders and game-changers in the event industry find a new footing in a post-COVID world. Additionally, as hybrid events and more intimate in-person opportunities emerge, this branch of our Advanced PR services is quickly becoming an essential branch to digital marketing in 2021, ensuring your brand is finding its way into influential circles and being the go-to name for your target audience.

What is included with IDS’ Advanced PR Services?

Influence Digital Solutions Advanced PR services help connect your business to its target audience in a big way, crystallizing your place among the individuals and companies that are finding innovative solutions in this “new normal.” These services include:

Notable Appearances

We’ll work endlessly to secure every opportunity possible for your organization’s leaders to engage in speeches, keynote speaking engagements, and invitations to speak on notable panels specific to your industry.

Increased News Releases

Your business is always growing and developing something new. We’ll work hard to celebrate that and get others talking about it, including media pitches and exclusive interviews, submitted articles and Op-Eds, and blogs specific to the events industry. 

Paid Opportunities

Advertorial, news wires, and news aggregators as well as awards for your company, the people leading it, and an inevitable prominent status throughout the events industry and the larger global meetings community is just the beginning of paid opportunities we’ll work to offer you and your business.

Features in Well-Established Publications

Credibility is important, and we’ll work to ensure your name is closely tied with trustworthy and high-profile outlets. These features include magazines, blogs, and publications that are industry-specific and offer an expanding audience, including,, Event Manager Blog, SmartMeetings, Endless Events,,, SuccessfulMeetings , Hubspot, Connect Meetings, and countless more. 

Partnerships with Social Media Influencers

Working in tandem with Influence Digital Solutions Web and Social Media branches, our Advanced PR Services help take full advantage of connecting to opportunities in the digital world. We’ll leverage our personal and professional connections on social media with influences such as Julian Solaris, Editor of The Event Manager Blog, Tahira Endean, who reports on the intersection of experiential, immersive meeting design and technology, Liz King, a New York-based event professional veteran with a well-read blog and events podcast, and countless more.

And so much more!

The past year taught us two big things in the marketing world: (1) Things can change quickly and (2) digital is here to stay. It may be simple to make a business account on social media, but it requires serious investment, time, and energy to educate yourself on the trends of the times, analyze the relevant data points, and ensure your brand is getting the recognition it deserves – especially in a post-COVID world.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t stress! Let us provide our unparalleled Advanced PR Services to upgrade your digital strategy and make your brand into a future household name! 

If you’re ready to have your best year yet, outsource to the experts and contact Influence Digital Solutions today!

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