What’s the most important digital marketing tool?

What’s the most important digital marketing tool?

There’s one form of digital media that we recommend to absolutely all of our clients. It’s widespread, simple to use, and has an outstanding ROI. This platform has 2.5 billion users, and it is the most common activity on today’s smartphones. Can you guess what it is? 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach people. It’s no secret that today’s consumer checks their emails constantly. Regardless of whether you want to communicate a promotion, sale, event, fundraiser, or blog, the best way to reach your audience is in their inbox. Still unconvinced? We’ll give you a few reasons why you should not be doing business without it! 

  • 34% of the global population uses it

That’s 2.5 billion people! Unlike certain digital platforms that quickly burst into and fade out of our short attention spans, email is predicted to increase by 2.8 billion users in the next two years. Don’t wait two years to get started! 

  • It’s a business tool

Of the billions of emails that travel through cyberspace every day, the vast majority of them are business emails. Consumers expect to see promotions, sales, and news from their favorite businesses each time they refresh their inbox, so they prefer this platform over other forms of digital media. The benefits are even greater in B2B marketing! 

  • Sky-high ROI 

The overhead cost of email marketing is next to nothing, but the sales are among the highest. It’s proven to be an effective driver of website traffic, and the action-oriented nature of email correspondences inadvertently encourage engagement much more than other platforms. 

  • It’s personalizable, customizable, automatable, and quantifiable

Let’s break down exactly what this means. Email is among the more personalizable forms of digital media, because email marketing platforms allow businesses to create distinct marketing lists based on the unique qualities of their customers or potential customers. The emails are customizable, and can automatically address the text to the individual with a personalized email header. That’s not the only thing these platforms can automate: email marketplaces can even add an “abandoned cart” feature that sends a reminder to any potential customer who didn’t reach the final stages of checkout! Finally, email marketing tools clearly outline detailed metrics of success. Businesses can use these tools to build upon their success in order to gain even more clicks, sales, and email reads! 

  • Easily integrates 

Email marketing is crucial, but it shouldn’t be your only form of marketing. Marketing platforms seamlessly work with other forms of social media. If you are launching an Instagram giveaway, an email notification will increase the number of people who enter the giveaway as they scroll through the app. Because of the actionable nature of emails — people tend to reply or forward each email they read — clickable links and buttons receive much more interaction than other forms of digital marketing. Whether you want to add a fundraising button, link to a blog post, or redirect to a product page, it’s bound to get more clicks! 

  • Customers prefer it 

The instant and direct tactic of email marketing is actually preferred by customers. It saves them time and effort. Consumers actually opt-in to receive emails from their favorite brands, so they don’t feel like these brands are “spamming” them when they reach out to offer discounts, promotions, or exciting news. That’s why email is the best digital marketing tool for engaging and retaining existing customers! 

  • It really works 

See for yourself! If you are new to this must-have form of digital marketing, or you simply want to take your email blasts to the next level, Influence Digital Solutions is here to help. Call the experts and get started with us today! 

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