Now’s the Time to Invest in Digital Marketing

Now’s the Time to Invest in Digital Marketing

At a time like this, the future feels uncertain. Just when we thought we were on the other side of this pandemic, we’re thrown a curveball we didn’t anticipate. If you need to pivot your event or business into the digital world, keep your mind strong and your business healthy by seeing this as an opportunity to clean and polish your digital marketing strategies! Business will return to normal soon enough, but as we take another moment to slow down, give your full focus to communication and next steps, so you can come out of this stronger than ever!

Flexibility is Our Strength

Shifting messaging in real time has become a superhero strength of the digital marketing world over the past year and a half. It doesn’t have to be a difficult and cumbersome process to pivot under changing circumstances if you have the right team behind you. Restrictions change weekly, and depending on where you are in the country, what’s needed for your business can be upended in an instant. What and how your business and brands communicate every day matters more than ever, and that’s where a digital marketing agency can be a light in the darkness.

Measurable Results When You Need Them Most

When our world changes abruptly, the last thing you want to rely on is blind hope. You need to take deliberate steps in your messaging, your tactics, and your strategies to ensure you’re making the best move for your business and your consumers – and now when it’s working and when it’s not. One of the biggest benefits of turning your focus to digital marketing is that it offers real, tangible results when you need them most: right now. Instead of face-to-face interactions, your energy can be spent studying your spending on return investments, and seeing which activities generate the highest number of quality leads.

Learn from the past eighteen months: take the time to comb through your digital results and see what’s worked in the past and make the appropriate changes to remain nimble during this chaotic time. Or, leverage the digital marketing experts that have been measuring results in this space for as long as their conception, and can do all of this for you while you focus on your customers and business. 

Leverage the Lessons Learned

It’s uncertain how much this variant will affect the remainder of 2021, but it absolutely requires all businesses to revamp their strategies for the year and prepare for more online possibilities. So, let’s learn from what’s worked and remain open to whatever comes next. With events getting cancelled and travel plans changing, this could very well be the ideal time to make sure your business’ online presence is the best it could possibly be. Now is the best time to extend your digital content marketing outreach to ensure steady and timely communication with your audience.

For promotional strategies, consider the following questions:

  • Does the content on my website have the right marketing messages and appropriate call to actions for the variant? 
  • Could my website benefit from some new blog posts that are relevant to the times, and would now be a good time to begin writing them?
  • Do our marketing materials deserve an update, and could this time be used to update and polish them?
  • Could I collaborate with my team and draft a storyline for our next video?
  • And on a personal level, am I doing my part to make sure I’m encouraging a safe and healthy environment for all?

If you’re thinking about visibility, consider the following actions:

  • Check your website’s current organic search and consider ways to optimize your SEO
  • Consider all the ways your business is utilizing each social media platform and how you could expand your outreach and crystallize your online storytelling
  • Think about how an upcoming event could be transformed into a digital event, and how you can improve upon your brand awareness and engagement
  • With more eyes on email inboxes, consider new topics for future press releases and articles 
  • Most importantly, think of new ways to communicate that the delta variant will not stop you and your business: you are still available and interested in your customer’s business for 2021 and beyond

Remain positive and see this as an opportunity to clean and polish your digital marketing strategies so that when business returns to normal, you can give your full focus to the next steps, and not the things holding you back. 

It’s not easy to know what the appropriate next steps are in a time of crisis, but that’s why it’s good to turn to the experts. Upgrade your digital strategy by outsourcing to the experts, and let Influence Digital Solutions help you today!

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