Navigating the Power of Facebook Ads

Navigating the Power of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform. So, it makes sense that if you’re hoping to reach the greatest audience possible, you should invest in learning about advertising on this social media giant. This may seem like a daunting task, but if you read on, we’re happy to guide you to utilizing this platform for your business’ expansion and success! 

One of the strengths of advertising on Facebook is how their ads micro-target. Micro-targeting is a strategy of getting your ad in front of a small subset of a broad potential audience, so the people seeing your brand or product are the people most willing to learn more about it and most willing to purchase it. That’s great for your return on investments, conversion rates, and especially, budget! So, where do you begin?

A Variety of Ad Options

Facebook offers an enormous diversity of ad types, so you can personalize how your brand will be communicated to your audience. Here are a few of the most popular Facebook ad options:

  • Image Ads

This is our recommendation for getting started on the social media giant. A vivid and dynamic picture can not only capture someone’s eye while scrolling through their news feed, but intrigue them enough to take a moment to learn about what you’re offering. It’s worth investing in talent that can really make a single picture pop with detail.

  • Video Ads

Another great option is Video Ads. These are great for introducing your product to your audience, showing a quick tutorial, or adding a personal boost with some fun storytelling around the product. It might even be fun to create a GIF that makes your audience laugh!

  • Video Poll Ads

A relatively new ad for Facebook is Video Poll Ads. These are mobile-only, but early data has shown that Video Poll Ads are more effective than typical video ads, so they may be worth the investment. 

  • Carousel Ads

Like the name implies, a Carousel Ad can take up to 10 photos of your product and create a moving slideshow that runs in a cycle. This is a great option for showcasing different elements of your product or showcasing particular strengths or looks. 

  • Collection Ads

Collection ads are mobile-only and allow you to showcase your product with a direct link to purchasing it. So, while a potential buyer is eyeing your brand, they can simply click “Shop Now” to lead them right to your business’ shopping cart.

  • Playable Ads

There’s nothing quite as engaging as having your ad come in the form of a game! You can cultivate a game experience that allows your audience to have a little fun while also being introduced to your product or brand. 

Consider Your Options

Facebook is growing, and so are Facebook’s algorithms, so there’s always more to know and always more to explore. You can experiment with all different types of audience targeting, but be careful with the assumptions you bring to your audience. Don’t be afraid to ask for help before beginning this important step in your Facebook ad journey.

Need help getting started? If you are new to this form of digital marketing, or you simply want to take your digital marketing to the next level, Influence Digital Solutions is here to help. Call the experts and get started with us today!

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